1. Minimum $1,000  per order.

2. Orders will ship within 10 business days.

3. We honor zip codes up to ten miles.

4. We do not sell these on our website, and we require that our retailers make our repurposed branded pieces available ONLY in-store, on social media lives, posts, and stories, but NEVER on static website listings. These guidelines are to ensure proper legal adherence. Any UNBRANDED pieces CAN be listed and sold with a website listing.

5. We desire to offer excellent customer service. We will honor your return/exchange policy on jewelry. We provide care cards for each sale to help educate customers on how to care for vintage, plated-metal pieces. We also provide blush pink/gold logo velvet jewelry bags for the sale.

6. It is important for many reasons to leave our gold branding tags and paper tags on each piece. Our handwritten story is part of the creation, and it also helps identify that the piece is being sold CLEARLY as vintage, re-purposed Idlewild Jewelry Company artwork. It is also important to use Idlewild’s brand name and NEVER any other designer’s name when advertising our pieces. The phrase “not affiliated with any designer” is one precise way to convey the branding component.(NO tagging or hashtags using brand names other than IJC on social media. NO images owned by brands other than IJC can be posted in conjunction with IJC merchandise.)